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Business is changing.   Gone are the days when a business can compete at the pace of monthly quotas and annual reviews. Today, customer trends occur rapidly and business must keep up in real-time, with instantaneous visibility, control, coordination and feedback.

During the development of our core solution, our customers/advisors have articulated the top three challenges of business success.   First, our customers tell us that they need to get leaner and more productive.   They are forming smaller teams with a greater sense of purpose and higher performance expectations.  Second, they tell us that they need to align business processes with the customer lifecycle, and the customer lifecycle into an ecosystem across all their products and services. Third, they tell us that they want to become agile, proactive and accountable at all levels of the organization.

Our customers are telling us that traditional solutions are not meeting their needs. They say that bureaucracy is stifling innovation and growth.  Their reliance on in-house IT to integrate and operate closed, feature-laden solutions is impeding performance.  They say that they cannot innovate locally because they have little control over technical resources or solutions.

Expensive. Closed. Inflexible. Bureaucratic. Sound familiar?

At Voximate, we are focused on creating powerful products that help mobile teams -- enabled with a real-time view of the business -- to outmaneuver, out-design and outperform their competitors.


Lifecycle Management

Your business follows the customer life-cycle, your software should too! Define life-cycles for each of your products, and align your operational processes.

Agile Projects & Products

Apply agile methods to your project and product management processes. Create unlimited products, projects and sprints with backlogs and rich story management. Develop user stories with ranking, priorities, personas, list and cards view, burn-down charts and more.

Time, Task and Calendar Tools

Task management, calendar and scheduling with delegation. Automated team attendance tracking.

Agile Case Management

Need a way to manage your customer support issues, helpdesk or bugs? Case management is built in! Track, prioritize, measure, monitor and automate open issues. Add tasks (with full accountability) and notes.

Document Management

Store your documents in the cloud. Assign custom workflows and notifications. Automatic indexing of text, PDF and Word documents. Automatic OCR of images and searching of extracted image text available soon.

Searching and Tracking

Some say that if you can't find it -- it never happened. We provide fast, deep, and thorough searching capabilities to help you find what you're looking for.

Search across all datatypes. Use attributed and time oriented search parameters. To reduce results further, take advantage of our powerful filtering technology.

To help you recall your favorite things -- we offer a simple bookmarking tool.

Monitoring and Alerts

Our bookmarks become even more powerful! With a single click, bookmarks transform into "watch marks" -- sensors that inform you you when key changes occur in areas of interest. Alerts can be sent internally, via email or SMS.

Powerful Orchestration

Orchestrate processes in your business life-cycle using our flexible workflow tools. Customize your own robust solutions from event, time and statistical triggers. Respond to events automatically, or create interactive workflows. It's easy, and it's up to you.

Easy Setup

Easy to use setup and configuration. You can get your space up and running in minutes. We include powerful migration tools so you can import and export data quickly and easily.


What good would all these metrics do without a stellar display? View your metrics and KPI with advanced HTML5 canvas based charts. Terrific presentations without the wait.

Agile CRM

Our simple CRM is built on our powerful life-cycle management paradigm. We make it easy to coordinate sales, marketing, operations, or any other functional area.

Zero-configuration in/out-bound click-to-call features eliminate telephone equipment costs. Auto-dialing and IVR support.

Automated lead flow management. Voicemail-to-text transcription and available for advanced scenarios!

Custom Data Management

Have you found yourself unable to extend your current solution? We offer integrated database creation tools.

Construct your own tables to store process-related information. Orchestrate custom workflows to react to information changes.

Integrated Team Collaboration

As any business owner knows, you need to be part of the conversation if you want to manage a team . You can plug into the team conversation with integrated, social tools.

Capture the conversation with our Product Wiki, Project Updates, Micro-blogs and Team Discussion Forums. Meeting management, deliverables and ratings keep teams on track.

Flexible messaging (SMS, email, voice, chat). All stored persistently and searchable. Automatic attendance tracking integrates with performance metrics to measure actually employee performance.


Individuals perform better when they have a visible goal. Use our powerful tools to create levels and rewards that keep your team learning and productive.

Tie rewards to performance levels over time. Automatically enable features upon the mastery of new skills. Acknowledge employees who share knowledge, or go the extra mile for a customer.


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So geek out. Safely.


We provide RESTful interfaces for customers who want to integrate our solution with their existing solutions. If you know HTTP, XML and JSON -- you're all set. Get an application key from our support team and get started.

We can also provide custom integrations for those of you with better things to do than muck about with software.

Service and Support

We believe that delighted customers are our brand. We make it easy to try, easy to use, easy to subscribe. If you're not happy, we even make it easy to take all your data and move on.

We have a fanatical support team. Real people -- with names, phone numbers and a passion for delighting customers.

Support hours are 10am (EST) to 5pm (PST).

Unofficially -- we're nerds who do what we love to do -- so you'll likely find that we're available when you need us most.

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